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Simon C Page

A blog of the geometric, pop and minimal work that I create.

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Been asked for some more t-shirt designs, links below:

Star / Star 2 / Planet / Rainbow

Bit of a reject - Finger Pointing

cathrinfin asked:
Simon, my husband and I love your Year of Astronomy posters and would like to have at least one of them. 1-Are they still available for purchase? The one that is mostly red is my favorite, but the place where I would hang it is right next to a Calder stabile--and that is located at the only possible place in our tiny house where it will fit. Could you humor me by comparing the red in your design to a Pantone color or to Calder red? I want both of these pieces to look their best! Thanks~Cat

Thanks Cat. Yep available in single figures here

Here is the closes Pantone.

Anonymous asked:
Thanks for the art on The Common this morning - much nicer start to the week than usual!

Your welcome! The artwork ‘So Long’ I did because I am moving out of the town to the next village but I will still do the occasional free art drop so keep your eye peeled. Thanks.

So Long - free art drop tonight.

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So Long

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Bike Race (Tour de France edition)

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Free art…