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Simon C Page

A blog of the geometric, pop and minimal work that I create.

Anonymous asked:
Hey mate, we've been looking for a new chair for our place for a while now and came across your 'New Cuben Wingchair'. Do you sell these? Or the fabric to make them? It looks awesome and is exactly what we're after. Cheers, Neil

Drop me an email at as I can do both. Thanks for the interest.

Circular Motion 2 WIP

Circular motion 1 WIP

Minimal Prints @

Been asked for some more t-shirt designs, links below:

Star / Star 2 / Planet / Rainbow

cathrinfin asked:
Simon, my husband and I love your Year of Astronomy posters and would like to have at least one of them. 1-Are they still available for purchase? The one that is mostly red is my favorite, but the place where I would hang it is right next to a Calder stabile--and that is located at the only possible place in our tiny house where it will fit. Could you humor me by comparing the red in your design to a Pantone color or to Calder red? I want both of these pieces to look their best! Thanks~Cat

Thanks Cat. Yep available in single figures here

Here is the closes Pantone.

Anonymous asked:
Thanks for the art on The Common this morning - much nicer start to the week than usual!

Your welcome! The artwork ‘So Long’ I did because I am moving out of the town to the next village but I will still do the occasional free art drop so keep your eye peeled. Thanks.

So Long - free art drop tonight.

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So Long

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Bike Race (Tour de France edition)

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Free art…